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Comprehensive Root Canal Therapy & Endodontic Procedure

When an infected or inflamed tooth causes you pain, an endodontic treatment may be the restorative procedure you need. Come to George E Biron DMD Associates LTD in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, to find out if root canal treatment is right for you. For your convenience, we'll provide you with before and after-care information.

Tooth Model - Endodontic Treatment

Referred to Our Endodontist

Most patients come to our office after their family dentist refers them based on their evaluation. Our endodontist, Dr. George Biron, will complete an evaluation to check for signs of an infection, which can be the cause of the pain. The evaluation also includes x-rays of your teeth and a vitality test of your teeth.

After the evaluation, If endodontic therapy is indicated Dr. Biron will arrange to perform the root canal treatment and appointment for the root canal therapy. For your convenience, local anesthesia is used during the surgical endodontic therapy. 

Understanding a Root Canal

Simply put, the root canal treatment procedure is used to remove infection from within the center of your tooth, allowing your body to heal. A preparation is made through the chewing surface of a tooth to locate a group of canals within the root structure.

Once entered, we remove the infected pulp, clean and shape the canal system walls and place fillings in the canal. Many endodontic treatments can be performed  in as little as one appointment, however the overall time frame for the appointment depends on the severity of the infection.

Contact us today to preserve the health of your tooth with a root canal therapy procedure.